International Scientific Conference


Ustron, POLAN D 
  November 21-23, 2001

Conference papers
in alphabetical order
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Peter Bajtoš
Low enthalpy geothermal energy from mine waters in Slovakia

R. Gordon Bloomquist
The economics of geothermal heat pump systems for commercial and institutional buildings

Raffaele Cataldi
Sustainability and Renewability of Geothermal Energy

Zygmunt Heliasz, Stanisław Ostaficzuk
How to use waste heat and geothermal energy for de-snowing and de-icing in Poland - concepts and problems

Mieczysław Kabat, Roman Sobański
The use of low-temperature geothermal waters for heating and recreational purposes

Maria Karwasiecka
The geothermal field of the Upper Silesian Coal Basin

Sławomir  Kędzior
Geothermic conditions of "Silesia" Mine coal deposit

Józef Knechtel
The influence of temperature of rock-mass on climatic parameters of air in coal mine workings

Piotr Kubski
The concept of heating to management of energy contained in mine water

Tomasz Kujawa, Władysław Nowak
Analysis of impact of depth of a geothermal exchanger located in deposit and temperature of the water its in a heat distribution network returning to the surface on heat extraction rate

Tomasz Kujawa, Władysław Nowak
Numerical simulation of heat extraction in the geothermal part of the exchanger in one-hole system

Ewa Kurowska, Edward Groborz
Abnormal geothermal conditions of the mines in south-west part of the Upper Silesian Coal Basin

Kazimierz Lipiński
The influence of geothermal energy use on environment of Pyrzyce

V.S. Litvinenko , Emil I. Boguslavsky
The concepts of an estimation and development of geothermal resources of Russia

Zbigniew Małolepszy, Szymon Kna¶, Karol  Kura
Geothermics of the Niwka-Modrzejow and Mysłowice minefields

Koji Morita
One possible way to utilize abandoned deep wells; the application of the DCHE

Władysław Nowak, Aleksander A. Stachel
Influence of return temperature of municipal water on the effectiveness of geothermal energy acquisition in the heat exchanger co-operating with the peak-load boiler

Stanisław Ostaficzuk
The underground store for thermal energy

Zbigniew Paj±k
Evaluation of various heat systems in building sector

Czesława Rosik-Dulewska, Mariusz Grabda
Utilization of low-temperature geothermal waters heat for protected crop production

Czesława Rosik-Dulewska, Mariusz Grabda
Role of thermal waste energy and energy of geothermal waters in the protection  of natural environment

Andrzej Różkowski
Geological environment of geothermal waters in the productive carboniferous formation in the Upper Silesian Coal Basin

Julian Sokołowski
Geothermal waters as a chance for sustainable development of Poland and proper life of Polish people

Julian Sokołowski, Krzysztof Kempkiewicz
The assesment of geothermal resources in the area of Ustroń municipality and their utilisation

Eleonora Solik-Heliasz,  Zbigniew Małolepszy
The possibilities of utilisation of geothermal energy from mine waters in the Upper Silesian Coal Basin

Władysław Szaflik, Aleksander A.  Stachel
Variation in the ground-temperature profile while absorbing the heat by means of the vertical heat exchanger

Janusz Trzepierczyński
Geothermal energy in deep boreholes in the Upper Silesian Coal Basin; the abilities of utilization

Andrzej Tor, Kazimierz  Gatnar
Drainage and economical utilization of methane-gas from coal seams in the mining field Jastrzębie Coal Company in cogeneration power system